Tech boosts healthy forests: A digital green connection

Last revised: October 17, 2023

Everyone benefits from forest products. There’s a great chance that you use more forest products every day than you’ve ever recognized. From shelter to warmth in the wintertime, to household furniture, to safe hygiene products, forest products enhance our modern lives. 

十大外围足彩网 made from the forest have been around for centuries, but how does International 纸 continue to be responsible stewards of the world’s natural resources so forest products can continue to sustain us? 

“We ensure we don't put the plants and animals that depend on the forests at risk,” said Annabelle Grounds, fiber certification and sustainability representative.  

For the many forestry professionals at International 纸 and around the world, it all starts with responsible and transparent sourcing. 

“We have a lot of resources at hand, and we use them to make the best decisions about harvesting timber,” she said. “I feel proud of IP.” 

The Fiber Supply team is responsible for the development of an internal mapping tool called ForSite™.  

A preview of the ForSite™ infographic

“ForSite™ is our innovative mapping technology that allows us to identify areas of potential risk in the forest where we operate,” Annabelle explained. “All of non-certified roundwood that we purchase direct from the forest is checked in the mapping system first to see if there is a potential for an endangered or threatened species that may be living there.” 

ForSite™ has helped IP evolve our procurement strategy. We now screen every non-certified tract through ForSite™ prior to purchase. 

This process helps us ensure that our products come from a healthy forest so it can be sustainable for future generations. For the Fiber Supply team at IP, this focus on the future of healthy forests extends beyond National Forest 十大外围足彩网 week, which is recognized October 15-21, to be part of how they do their job every day.  

A Walk in the Forest with IP: Forest Tour

“We're all in it together to sustainably procure timber,” Grounds said. 

Every day, we use what we learn to be better stewards of our environment to continue creating what’s next in forest products. 

Learn more about how ForSite™ has helped reach move closer to reaching our Vision 2030 goals in our Sustainability Report.